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Wipes for anyone, anywhere and any time! Protect your love ones, protect yourself!


Wet Wipes for your comfort!

With GreenShield Wet Wipes, maintaining your home with Anti-Bacteria wipes, conditioning wipes for leather or cleaning your household fixtures easier. With one wipe, stubborn stains, grimes and dust will be gone in a minute.

Anywhere, Any time!

GreenShield Wet wipes allows you to clean your home anywhere and any time. Easy storage and hand for bring out. Protect your love ones and protect yourself!

Customers Review

Well packed and received. Fast delivery. Good quality wipes. Affordable price. My second purchase. Recommended 👍🏼

lynn D

Received in good condition. Repeat buyer for the household wipes. Trying the other 2.


Stainless steel wipe is good and doesn't leave any marks. Dry fast too.