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Cookies Policy

On this website, we use cookies and or other similar tools only to provide quality services to you. That includes authentication, settings perseverance, and content delivery. Some parts of our site may require cookies for some additional purposes.

Information Regarding Cookies

When you access our website or use services from us, we and certified third parties use cookies and other similar technologies. We use cookies and other similar technologies that do not keep saved on your pc or other devices. They only keep saved or active for the period you are browsing our site or services (session cookies). Sometimes we use cookies and other same types of technology that are saved for a longer period on your pc or devices (persistent cookies). We take necessary and proper safety measures for preventing unauthorized access to the cookies we use. We ensure by a unique ID that we only with our certified third parties have access to your data, which was collected as cookies or other similar technology.

Cookies from your access help us in several ways

  • They sometimes can be necessary (technically) to provide our services
  • Cookies help us in improving our user experience (saves several data that was submitted in web forms including font size)
  • We can enhance our provision of services with technical help from cookies and/or other similar technologies
  • With the help of cookies, we are able to show more relevant ads to you

Your Choices

We prioritize your consent and experience during the access to our site. That is why you have the authority to decide the extent to which we have the right to use cookies within our service provision. The options for your choice vary for the purposes of our using cookies.

Contact Us

If you face any problem or have any question regarding the use of cookies and similar tools at GreenShield, kindly contact us at this email address:

You can call us: +65 6926 4073 (Available from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM)